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Founded in 1958, the Oregon Track Club has grown into an iconic running group with a rich tradition rooted in Eugene, Oregon.

Now YOU can be a part of the running history.

Oregon Track Club Youth

is a youth running club based in the Eugene/Springfield area that focuses on cross country. Open to kids ages 8-14, the club provides opportunities for training and racing throughout our season, which runs from August 27th to December 5th. 

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The club offers 2 different training locations (Sheldon- north Eugene area and Springfield, Dorris Ranch as options). We will meet Tuesday/Thursday evenings 5:30-6:45 pm at both locations with an optional all-OTC youth run on Sunday at 3:00pm in Alton Baker Park for all of the kids. 

OTC youth athletes may choose to practice at either of the 2 training locations for convenience.



OTC Youth will have many opportunities for kids to participate in races throughout the season, including developmental meets and USATF meets.

September - October: consists of local developmental youth meets on Saturdays and/or a weekday. Athletes may choose the shorter season that includes 6 local meets, or continue with Championship season and potentially further travel.

November - December 5th: includes USATF state, regional and national level meets on Saturdays.  The regional meet is held each November and alternates between Oregon and Washington, while the national meet is in early December and changes locations each year.


Participation in meets always optional.

*If your child runs cross country for their school (which we encourage), they can still join the team at the conclusion of their school season.

Thank You

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